Hardware acclerators are also manufactured by
Hi/Fn, BlueSteel Networks (now Broadcom),
and IRE.

Hi/Fn's 6500 is shipping. Does RSA only.
Their 7811/7511 does the bulk ssl cipher

BlueSteel's uBsec 5601 is in alpha stage.
This is touted as an SSL chip.
Samples should be out by March 15th, 2000.
I believe RC4 is missing on this version.

IRE's is the most impressive. It is design
is done by Analog Devices. It is a low cost
solution that does MD5, RSA, DH, SHA-1, RC4,
3DES, DES etc. It does it all at very impressive
speeds. Unfortunately, it won'b be available till
this summer.

Hope this helps...

>From: Oliver King <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: Hardware crypto accelerators
>Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 11:56:06 -0000
>Hi guys,
>In the openssl-users archive, I've seen a few references to hardware crypto
>accelerator cards from both Rainbow (CryptoSwift) and nCipher (nFast). Are
>there any other cards out there with similar functionality?
>I'm interested in finding out how well these crypto cards integrate with
>OpenSSL, particularly for public-key operations, and whether anyone has any
>good/bad experiences, general impressions or recommendations to relate. I
>may be looking to install several cards in one system, so it would be great
>to hear from someone who's tried that.
>Thanks in advance.
>Ollie King
>Data Connection Ltd.
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