On Thu, Jun 16, 2005, coco coco wrote:

> Sorry to disappoint you, I've been banging my head on the monitor for
> 2 days now, going over the code and manual/api docs/examples/google
> for so many times, and I'm still having difficulties to get openssl and Java
> work together. All my crypto coding experiences are on Java, and this
> is the first time trying to get some very basic functionalities in C++,
> and it turns out to be much much harder than I thought :(
> And notice the key/cert I used in my test code are actually from the
> openssl examples.
> Anyone who has experience making openssl work with java, please give
> a hint. That'll be very much appreciated.

To rule out any problems with your OpenSSL code I'd suggest you check the
signatures using the dgst command and if there are problems analyze them using

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