Wow, Steve, I must say, you are a god-send!

I was still digging in the registry and the msdn site last night for a clue...
Had I input the right keyword (TimeStampURL) in google, that would've solved
my problem. But I was looking at the wrong place (msdn, which is a pretty
useless site), also couldn't find anything on how to set this option
in openssl (digged thru the openssl code without result...)

Dumb me! Next time, if I have to work with Windows again, I'll trust
any site more than msdn!

From: "Dr. Stephen Henson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Anyway, I just found that CA called Ascertia which seems to offer free
> certificate.
> I'll see if I can get a free cert for code signing, and see what's in there.

For those who may be tempted to try, their enrollment just sucks, it simply
doesn't work, even if you use the second option and paste your PEM-format
CSR into the input box.

Have you tried this:

Apparently, verisign also has a section on this.

Again, thanks a lot.


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