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Thanks. That worked perfectly (well, actually, it failed, but that's what I wanted to happen). Is there any way for me to tell within my code which SSL has been loaded, or am I pretty much stuck having to both set the HTTPS_CA_FILE variable as well as set the IO::Socket::SSL's default context in all situations?

i would recommend that you decide which module you want to use and make your code only work with that module.

based on the code in libwww-perl Net/HTTPS.pm it looks like you could simply add a 'use IO::Socket::SSL;' line in your code to make LWP always use that module.

you can determine whether a module has been loaded by testing package variable values such as $IO::Socket::SSL::VERSION.

By the way, to answer your first question, they're both installed properly, as far as I can tell (they both came with the default Red Hat installation, I think). The Crypt::SSLeay version seems to get invoked whenever mod_ssl is disabled (since setting HTTPS_CA_FILE actually works properly in those cases), and the IO::Socket::SSL version gets invoked whenever mod_ssl is enabled.

as noted above you can debug this by testing package variables for each module.

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