Dear Bill,

Thank you very much for your quick reponse, on Sunday night!

Indeed I had read this part, but couldn't make much of it. It took me a while to rewrite the code, but eventually everything looks fine!


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I suggest you carefully read the following function description paying close attention to length.

DES_ncbc_encrypt() encrypts/decrypts using the cipher-block-chaining (CBC) mode of DES. If the encrypt argument is non-zero, the routine cipher-block-chain encrypts the cleartext data pointed to by the input argument into the ciphertext pointed to by the output argument, using the key schedule provided by the schedule argument, and initialization vector provided by the ivec argument. If the length argument is not an integral multiple of eight bytes, the last block is copied to a temporary area and zero filled. The output is always an integral multiple of eight bytes.


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I am using des_ncbc_encrypt to encrypt/decrypt packages in a server/client
architecture (CBC mode). When I test encryption/decryption from within the
server I get everything decrypted OK, except the last 4 bytes. However, this
is enough for the client to reject the packet. I am using the following

uchar * output;
des_key_schedule des_ks;
des_cblock des_key, des_iv;

memcpy(des_iv, iv, sizeof(des_iv));
memcpy(des_key, server_write_enc_key, sizeof(des_key));
if (des_set_key_checked(&des_key, des_ks))
   error(0, "wtls_des: Unable to set key schedule");
output = (uchar *)gw_malloc((len + 1)* sizeof(uchar));
des_ncbc_encrypt(data, output, len, des_ks, &des_iv, crypt);

where crypt takes the values DES_ENCRYPT or DES_DECRYPT.

(gdb) p data + 1640
$11 = (
   unsigned char *) 0x75f700
(gdb) p output + 1640
$15 = (uchar *) 0x75e6f0 "Yy�6ΰ�'\216―L�kφ\033\232’)«Ε\233"

Decrypting output through another call to the same function (everything gets
reinitialized) I get:

(gdb) p data + 1640
$22 = (unsigned char *) 0x760710 "Yy�6ΰ�'\216―L�kφ\033\232’)«Ε\233" (OK)
(gdb) p output + 1640
$24 = (uchar *) 0x75c6d0 "*ξΥΰl:=8υ\n\236\236π\006\006\006(VχR" (??)

Everything is fine except for the trailing "(VχR". Any ideas or pointers of
what is wrong, would be greatly appreciated.

Nikos Balkanas

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