While testing Python's SSL support with OpenSSL >= 0.9.8m, we have
encountered a strange error return from SSL_shutdown on a non-blocking
socket (note: this is a different problem from the one described by
Victor Stinner in an earlier thread last month). Basically:

- SSL_shutdown(<ssl object>) returns -1
- SSL_get_error(<ssl object>, -1) returns SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL
- ERR_get_errno() returns 0
- errno is equal to 0

This situation was not hit before 0.9.8m. Our temptative workaround
right now (not yet committed, awaiting your insight :-)) is to detect
this particular situation and consider the call successful rather than
raise an exception.

What encouraged me in that workaround is that some LightHTTPd users have
encountered what looks like the same issue, also starting from 0.9.8m:

        « SSL_shutdown failed, SSL_get_error returned SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL,
        but errno == 0 - I think there is something wrong with your ssl
        lib. »
        « Since I updated to openssl 0.9.8m I have noticed the same
        error messages in my log. (using lighttpd 1.4.26 with the same
        patch applied) »
I would welcome any explanations and suggestions concerning this
situation. Is it an OpenSSL bug? Or does this error return correspond to
an applicative error? (in which case, which error exactly, since the
return codes don't point to anything precise)

Thank you

Antoine Pitrou.

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