On Mon, Aug 30, 2010, Toms Tormo wrote:

> Finally, I checked the Authority Key Identifier of the EE certificate but 
> it looks good to me...
> /[amsterdam:/test]# openssl x509 -in admesigna.cer -text
> keyid:B2:D2:89:54:6C:14:8E:84:CC:F4:DA:26:6A:45:9C:27:A9:5C:02:CF
>                 DirName:/C=ES/O=AC Indenova SL - CIF 
> B97458996/OU=http///www.indenova.com/CN=AC Indenova
>                 serial:14:19:C1:49:C9:86:CB:CC*
> Could anybody give me some clue about this?
> Thank you very much.

If you include the -issuer_checks option you can soon diagnose the problem.
You will see lots of messages about subject issuer mismatches: that's normal.
Anything else may indicate a problem. In this case you get:

error 31 at 0 depth lookup:authority and issuer serial number mismatch

That is specifically indicating a problem with AKID. Looking above I can see
"http///" in AKID.

I'd actually recommend not including the issuer and serial number in AKID if
you can and just using the keyid option. Newer OpenSSL default configuration
files do that.

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