У пон, 30. 08 2010. у 20:38 +0200, Dr. Stephen Henson пише:
> I wouldn't advise changing the code in that way (FYI I wrote it). The normal
> workaround in OpenSSL for broken encodings is to use the original encoding
> by caching it. The attached three line patch adds this workaround for
> certificates.

Thanks Stephen. This preprocessor black magic looks very interesting, I
will spend some free time trying to understand it in the following days.

I read your message on openssl-dev about the issue with a dirty cache.
As a naive code reader, I am wondering could not the "modified" field in
the cached data be set whenever certificate data is modified to
invalidate the cache? Will this allow integrating this patch upstream?

Kind regards,
Goran Rakic

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