Всем привет. С чем может быть связана ошибка gcc компиля: unrecognized option -mno-cygwin? Hi all. What is the reason of gcc: error: unrecognized option -mno-cygwin while building openssl?
Building process:
 - run MSYS
 - configure shared zlib-dynamic mingw
 - make build_libs
 - Output: http://paste.kde.org/513674/62730134/ + error

openssl 0.9.8x
Windows 7 Pro SP1 x86
gcc 4.7.1 (MinGW-w64)

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6034390/compiling-with-cython-and-mingw-produces-gcc-error-unrecognized-command-line-o here we can see that this compiler's key is deprecated in 4.7.0 but in gcc documentation I see this key as active and OK. After editing specified file error didn't disappear. If I remove this option from Makefile I got many errors in code while building. What's wrong?
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