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> Hello,
> is it possible to sign a foreign SSL public key without having CSR/private 
> key?
> Background:
> Because the public root CA's failed at least twice (DigiNotar, Comodo), I'd 
> like to pin a SSL certificate from a website I have no control over. 
> (Therefore I no access the the private key and can subsequently also not 
> create a CSR.) Pin the SSL cert by using a local self signed CA.

I'm not sure if this will help but for testing purposes I needed to generate
some certificates using DH keys. Since you can't sign with DH you can't create
a CSR directly. I added an option -force_pubkey to the OpenSSL 'x509' utility
to do this. It is only in HEAD at present.

So what you do is create a CSR normally using any key then when you "sign" it
to create a certtificate you specify the foreign key using -force_pubkey.
There is an example of its use in demos/certs/mkcerts.sh

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