On 22.09.2016 16:42, Salz, Rich wrote:
> It's no-tls
Thanks to Matt Caswell and Richard Levitte for todays "mk1mf.pl: check
for no-tls1 here as well" it compiles now :)

This works probably as expected:
Side Effect: I cant use s_client $somedomain:443 -tls1 (-tls1_1 /
-tls1_2) anymore to test if openssl dont use TLS1.0. If I run the test
without any -tls* Parameter, it shows me the first TLS Version used -
in the Test Case (my private Domain) TLS1.2.

OpenSSL says: -tls* = unknown option when I try it. But it still shows
up in the List of Arguments. So I think the List of Arguments / Options
does not get updated when the User disable some things!?

Thanks again for the extremely quick Fix! And thanks in general to
everyone else contributing to the OpenSSL Project!

A simple User

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