Is there a straightforward way to programmatically determine the current set of 
latest released versions of OpenSSL?

The context is that we perform automatic security audits of some of our systems 
and one of the tickboxes is "uses the latest version of OpenSSL". At the moment 
we check the website (and some mirrors) and do a bit of munging of HTML to try 
and extract the latest version number, but this is not terribly pleasant. It 
would be awesome if there were a JSON document (or similar) that contained 
roughly the same information as the HTML table at 
https://www.openssl.org/source/. Is there such a document? For instance, is the 
list of tags in Github appropriately reliable?

If not, could such a document be created?

Many thanks,

David Turner 
Principal Developer 
Operations & Planning Systems Division 

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