I’m interested in the rest of this story.  Does compiling a separate library 
for linking work for you now?  Our product runs on two platforms: one 
Pentium-based and one Mips-based. The Pentium build works fine but the Mips 
build fails at link time with unresolved function references.

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Aahhhhh... I guess I was being an idiot.
I just realize that the recommended/best/easier way is to compile openssl as a 
separate library (enabling/disabling/removing features as required), and then 
link this library to our application-binary.

Thanks a ton Salz, you have saved me a LOT of hours :)

Thanks and Regards,

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 10:09 PM, Salz, Rich 
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> Also, I am not using Makefiles, rather compiling each "c unit" using gcc 
> using first-principles.
> Could that be an issue?


Only "make" is supported.  You are on your own.

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