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>> Everything seems to work pretty well, but one thing is worrying -- the
>> opensslconf.h header comes out different between the two builds.
>> I'm assuming this only affects implementation details in OpenSSL and
>> not the public API? I don't have to publish and maintain
>> architecture-specific headers, do I?
> opensslconf.h is generated from the configuration settings and platform 
> characteristics, and applications must be compiled using the opensslconf.h 
> that corresponds to the build they link to (or one that's equivalent).
> Sometimes you can get away with using the wrong opensslconf.h, but this can 
> cause hard-to-find errors. One project I know of went for several years using 
> the wrong opensslconf.h, and it was only discovered when a different project 
> used some other OpenSSL features and got incorrect results on some platforms.
> So, in short: You do in fact have to publish and maintain one 
> architecture-specific header.

Thanks, I was afraid so. We're compiling for 6 different targets, so
this will turn into an exciting problem :-)

I'll try to think up a way forward with this.

Any chance that OpenSSL 1.1 is different in this regard?

Thank you,
- Kim
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