On 01/12/2016 18:56, Salz, Rich wrote:
>> I see that it was discussed many years ago about getting a French 
>> Declaration for openssl. Was this ever successful? If so is there a place I 
>> can download the declaration as it seems to be required when submitting to 
>> the iOS appstore.
> The OpenSSL project has never pursued or obtained any such document.

I am not sure of what 'French Declaration means' at least Loic Dachary
did request for one 'autorisation de fourniture en vue de l'utilisation
générale et d'importation et exportation' for fsfe long time ago;
information in french can be found here
http://fsffrance.org/dcssi/dcssi.fr.html but .. is quite old.

This covers 'Décret n°2001-1192 du 13 décembre 2001 relatif au contrôle
à l'exportation, à l'importation et au transfert de biens et
technologies à double usage'. ( This very moment i prefer being a
developer than a lawer ).

This is for information only, i won't be of any further help on that topic.

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