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Dear all, very appreciate your reply! We have double check the implementation of related functions, and confirm that the input params for the function int rsa_public_encrypt(const uint8_t *rsa_input, const int input_len, uint8_t *enc_out, uint8_t *public_key, const int key_len) are all stack variables(say rsa_input, enc_out and public_key), so there should have no problems with alloc;

we find things about threads with openssl here https://www.openssl.org/docs/man1.0.2/crypto/threads.html and add the lock functions, till now, it seems ok, but we still could not make sure whether it is the safely in multi-thread response for the crash

By the way, the function 'base64_encode' is to encode chars in base64, any function implement this method could be used for compilation.
When a program crashes in malloc(), the likely corruption in the
heap may have happened anywhere in the program, at any time before
the crash.  malloc() then crashes when it uses the malloc-internal
data that was corrupted.

That is why the best way to find the cause is to run the program
with a heap corruption detection system such as valgrind.


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