On 04/04/18 16:38, Jerry L wrote:
> Compiled OpenSSL on AIX using gcc, I used the same Configuration
> options that I have been using for 5 years:
>     Configure aix-gcc zlib fips shared
> When running make test, I am getting the following:
>  test_bad_dtls
>     ../util/shlib_wrap.sh .bad_dtls_test
> test_fatalerr
>      ../utils/shlib_wrap.sh  ./fatalerrtest ../app/server.pem
> ../apps/server.pem
> SSL_accept() failed -1,   1
> 804401144:error:140800FF:SSL routines:ssl3_accept:unknown
> state:s3_srvr.c:869:
> I ran the test on my 1.0.2n build and did not encounter this error.
> Kind of lost here.  Any ideas?

The 1.0.2 tests are very verbose (all that extra output is hidden in
1.1.0 and above). As part of normal tests we do things which are
expected to fail (the test is to check that things we expect to fail
really do fail). If you look through the whole test output you will see
lots of "errors" being generated.

The above is normal test output. Just ignore it. This isn't new for
1.0.2o though - it also exists in 1.0.2n.


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