>> Then I tried adding :@SECLEVEL=0 to my cipher suite list. That made the 
>> trick, but as far as I understand, it switches off some other cipher checks. 
>> What's the recommended way of allowing ADH?

>For now just @SECLEVEL=0.  There's not yet a more fine-grained to set the 
>level for crypto parameters but allow certificate-less key exchange.  If 
>you're willing
>to allow MiTM attacks, then downgrades are of scope, and the peers will 
>the best available ciphers, so @SECLEVEL=0 is probably fine, you'll still get 
>strong ciphers.
>You can also limit the cipher list to exclude anything you feel is too weak to 

Since we never allow unauthenticated cipher suites in production 
configurations, it's actually not a problem with the @SECLEVEL solution for 
those test systems where we do use ADH. Glad that I don't have to use a 
modified callback.
Thanks a lot, Per

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