We're using OpenSSl 1.1.1b on WIN64 and are facing a (rare but strange) 
core-dump when doing the following:

After successful TLS1.3 handshake we're calling SSL_read() to get the first 2 
Bytes of PDU data from the new connection (ASN.1 TAG + length).
SSL_read() returns 0
According to OpenSSL 1.1.1 documentation:

For SSL_read() and SSL_peek() the following return values can occur:
<= 0

      The read operation was not successful, because either the connection was 
closed, an error occurred or action must be taken by the calling process. Call 
with the return value ret to find out the reason.

We follow and call SSL_get_error() which crashes with debugger output (only 
topmost frame is shown here)

LIBSSL!SSL_get_error(struct ssl_st * s = 0x00000000`05be9a00, int i = <Value 
unavailable error>)+0x18c [d:\data\openssl\64\openssl-1.1.1b\ssl\ssl_lib.c @ 

The OpenSSL source at this reported line looks like:

   if ((s->shutdown & SSL_RECEIVED_SHUTDOWN) &&
        (s->s3->warn_alert == SSL_AD_CLOSE_NOTIFY))
        return SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN;

when we inspect the session "s" in the debugger, we find that s->shutdown == 3 
and s->s3 == NULL which finally causes the crash

It looks like a bug in OpenSSL....???

So far it happened only once in our LAB (after some hours of heavy SSL load 
testing with thousands of SSL connections created/deleted....)
we're currently not able to reproduce it.....
Any comments/ideas/fixes would be appreciated......

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