On 23/03/2021 02:37, Embedded Devel wrote:
I have an application previously written for us 10+ years ago that no longer seems to be happy

Has something happened that might have caused this? Did you upgrade OpenSSL, or do some other kind of update to your code?

Which version of OpenSSL are you using?

and the original dev is no  longer available, so who can i pay to bang this out and make it happy, or who can guide me through getting it functional... basic info below.

I have a client process which is supposed to speak to a server via ssl, and then send data

Ive created a "CA" and generated the CSR / and certs for both the client and the server.

What kind of certs did you generate? How big are the keys? Are you able to share the certs (not the keys)?

when i run the client - i get an error on the client side

Tue Mar 23 02:13:58 2021 user.err : ac_ssl_client_write(): Error SSL_ERROR_SSL - return code: -1.
Tue Mar 23 02:13:58 2021 user.info : ac_send_init(): Error

It would be useful to see any errors on the OpenSSL error stack which might provide more details about specifically what has failed. For example you can call the `ERR_print_errors_fp` function to dump the error stack to a `FILE *`. Or alternatively use the `ERR_*` functions to examine the stack and print it to your log:



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