Structures are opaque after OpenSSL 1.0.  There is no way to do what you want.

The recommended path is to call EVP_MD_CTX_dup() to create a copy of the context and use that the second time around.


On 24/3/21 2:03 pm, Vuthur Pavankumar wrote:
Hi All,

I was implementing SHA3 multi-call as below using openSSL version openssl-1.1.1j

const EVP_MD *evpmd = EVP_sha3_256();
EVP_MD_CTX *ctx = EVP_MD_CTX_new()
EVP_DigestInit_ex(ctx, evpmd, NULL);
store ctx and evpmd in local buffer. and reuse it for update and final

get ctx and evpmd from local buffer and update ctx with evpmd and pass it to  EVP_DigestUpdate method

EVP_DigestUpdate(ctx, msg, msg_len); -> get ctx from  local buffer

get ctx and evpmd from local buffer and update ctx with evpmd and pass it to  EVP_DigestUpdate method
EVP_DigestFinalXOF(ctx, md , mdlen); -> get ctx from  local buffer
EVP_DigestFinal_ex(ctx, md, &mdlen)

some buggy applications may not call the final call and the memory allocated using OpenSSL in Digest init may not be freed. to avoid it I want to store EVP_MD_CTX and EVP_MD data in a local buffer and reuse it instead of storing *ctx and freeing in the final call.

the problem I am facing:
1.declaring below struct and compiling resulted in an error.
error: field 'evpmd_ctx' has incomplete type
error: field 'evpmd' has incomplete type

typedef struct {
uint16_t abc;
uint16_t xyz;
uint16_t reserved1;
uint16_t reserved2;
EVP_MD_CTX evpmd_ctx;
EVP_MD evpmd;
} SHA3Data;

2.same error for sizeof(EVP_MD_CTX ) and sizeof(EVP_MD )

looks like EVP_MD_CTX and EVP_MD data are opaque to applications.

*Do we have any other means to store  EVP_MD_CTX and EVP_MD data in local buffers and reuse them in update and Final calls?*


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