G’Day from Down Under and to quell the conspiracy theorists & April Fools Day pranks....

Despite the coincidental reference to being officially launched on the 1st of April, 2021 to match the 5th anniversary of the criminalisation of encryption based technologies under the DTCA/DSGL.......I do actually have Australian Department of Defence, Defence Export Control, approval for FooStegCypher.  

FooCrypt.6.0.0.Core provides you with the total peace of mind over the SECURITY & PRIVACY of YOUR DATA.

FooCrypt.6.0.0.OpenSSL utilises OpenSSL 1.1.1(a-k) & 3.0.0.Alpha13

Checkout the latest White Paper and Documentation @ https://foocrypt.net

FooStegCypher, Maximum Obfuscation Bit Strength of One hundred twenty quadrillion.




Mark A. Lane

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