Apologies for top-posting, but I am glad to report that Optimcloud and I managed to resolve this issue. It turns out that some of my emails were not received and that the other party was not aware that I had *not* been paid. Optimcloud promptly proceeded to pay the agreed sum, which I have now received.

I am also glad to report that - after more emails back and forth - he is now able to continue with the development of his application.

JJK / Jan Just Keijser

On 03/05/21 09:20, Jan Just Keijser wrote:
Just for the record:

On 26/03/21 09:51, Embedded Devel wrote:
i now have a second developer looking at this, so hoping he can sort it all out.


I was that second developer and even though 'Embedded Devel' listed this as "paid" work and even though he made repeated promises about following up on payment, I never did receive payment.

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