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With my openssl based FTPS client (non-blocking bio) targeting TLS1.3, I see that immediately after a successful data channel handshake (with session reuse), a dummy change_cipher_spec record and a non-application data record are sent as part of the directory listing data. Same holds true for file downloads as well..(again with session reuse). This seems to be in line with the last paragraph in Appendix D.4 of RFC8446 which mandates a change_cipher_spec record to be sent from the server in case of session reuse. I could manually filter out the non-application data records from the actual data.. However, I was wondering if there's some api/setting in openssl that would do that at an API level.. as this looks like it should ideally be part of openssl workflow. But then what I am also not sure about is why the receipt of new session ticket data on the control channel does not bubble up as application data ? Openssl, from what I can tell, seems to be "consuming" it (new session data) internally. The earlier 2 messages however, do get exposed out of ssl_read and eventually become part of application data.

The only data you should be getting out of an `SSL_read` call is application data. If you're getting handshake or CCS messages as part of app data then something has gone very surprisingly wrong. I cannot imagine what would cause that.

You might want to open a github issue about that to dive into it in more detail.


Is it like : the message type warrants one to be exposed (change_cipher_spec) and the other to be handled internally (new session data) ? Could we please advise on openssl's standard operating workflow here ? Also, would I have to add logic to manually separate these 2 non-application records from the application data ? Is that how it is supposed to be ? Thank you.


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