We are jubilant to announce the release of:

openstack-ansible 13.3.5: Ansible playbooks for deploying OpenStack

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New Features

* The os_nova role can now deploy the a custom
  /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf file by defining "qemu_conf_dict".

* The "openstack-ansible-galera_server" role will now prevent
  deployers from changing the "galera_cluster_name" variable on
  clusters that already have a value set in a running galera cluster.
  You can set the new "galera_force_change_cluster_name" variable to
  "True" to force the "galera_cluster_name" variable to be changed. We
  recommend setting this by running the galera-install.yml playbook
  with "-e galera_force_change_cluster_name=True", to avoid changing
  the "galera_cluster_name" variable unintentionally. Use with
  caution, changing the "galera_cluster_name" value can cause your
  cluster to fail, as the nodes won't join if restarted sequentially.

* The LXC container creation process now has a configurable delay
  for the task which waits for the container to start. The variable
  "lxc_container_ssh_delay" can be set to change the default delay of
  five seconds.

Known Issues

* It is not possible to override the ceph client credential for nova
  and cinder with ansible 1.9.4.

  See bug 1605302 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605302) for more

Upgrade Notes

* New overrides are provided to allow for better customization
  around logfile retention and rate limiting for UDP/TCP sockets.
  "rsyslog_server_logrotation_window" defaults to 14 days
  "rsyslog_server_ratelimit_interval" defaults to 0 seconds
  "rsyslog_server_ratelimit_burst" defaults to 10000

* The rsyslog.conf is now using v7+ style configuration settings

Bug Fixes

* The pip_install_options variable is now honored during repo
  building.  This variable allows deployers to specify trusted CA
  certificates by setting the variable to "--cert /etc/ssl/certs/ca-

* The repo_build play now correctly evaluates environment variables
  configured in /etc/environment.  This enables deployments in an
  environment with http proxies.

Changes in openstack-ansible 13.3.4..13.3.5

9489c8f Add documentation for known-issue with ceph client.
be71f0f Loopback cinder image must insert before exit 0
a489036 Update all SHAs for 13.3.5

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

ansible-role-requirements.yml                      | 20 +++++++-------
global-requirement-pins.txt                        |  2 +-
.../defaults/repo_packages/openstack_services.yml  | 32 +++++++++++-----------
playbooks/inventory/group_vars/all.yml             |  2 +-
playbooks/inventory/group_vars/hosts.yml           |  2 +-
.../notes/add-qemu-conf-d42337dfd42bac6f.yaml      |  4 +++
.../ceph-var-override-issue-89ddd88804e88187.yaml  |  7 +++++
...nable_pip_install_options-7c2131c89f90b2c6.yaml |  6 ++++
...force-cluster-name-change-b4ce1e225daa840c.yaml | 15 ++++++++++
...lxc-container-start-delay-cd71a9957696d302.yaml |  6 ++++
...log-remote-log-separation-76de4b64f0c18edb.yaml |  8 ++++++
...bal_environment_variables-46cd4d90279fd0e9.yaml |  5 ++++
scripts/scripts-library.sh                         |  2 +-
.../tasks/prepare_loopback_cinder.yml              |  1 +
14 files changed, 82 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)

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