We are chuffed to announce the release of:

openstack-ansible-security 12.2.5: Security hardening role for

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New Features

* AIDE is configured to skip the entire "/var" directory when it
  does the database initialization and when it performs checks. This
  reduces disk I/O and allows these jobs to complete faster.

  This also allows the initialization to become a blocking process and
  Ansible will wait for the initialization to complete prior to
  running the next task.

* Although the STIG requires martian packets to be logged, the
  logging is now disabled by default. The logs can quickly fill up a
  syslog server or make a physical console unusable.

  Deployers that need this logging enabled will need to set the
  following Ansible variable:

     security_sysctl_enable_martian_logging: yes

Upgrade Notes

* All of the discretionary access control (DAC) auditing is now
  disabled by default. This reduces the amount of logs generated
  during deployments and minor upgrades.  The following variables are
  now set to "no":

     security_audit_DAC_chmod: no
     security_audit_DAC_chown: no
     security_audit_DAC_lchown: no
     security_audit_DAC_fchmod: no
     security_audit_DAC_fchmodat: no
     security_audit_DAC_fchown: no
     security_audit_DAC_fchownat: no
     security_audit_DAC_fremovexattr: no
     security_audit_DAC_lremovexattr: no
     security_audit_DAC_fsetxattr: no
     security_audit_DAC_lsetxattr: no
     security_audit_DAC_setxattr: no

Bug Fixes

* The "/run" directory is excluded from AIDE checks since the files
  and directories there are only temporary and often change when
  services start and stop.

* AIDE initialization is now always run on subsequent playbook runs
  when "initialize_aide" is set to "yes". The initialization will be
  skipped if AIDE isn't installed or if the AIDE database already

  See bug 1616281 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1616281) for more

* The auditd rules for auditing V-38568 (filesystem mounts) were
  incorrectly labeled in the auditd logs with the key of
  "export-V-38568". They are now correctly logged with the key

Changes in openstack-ansible-security 12.2.3..12.2.5

77eaaf2 Disable DAC change auditing
31a8ff5 Disable martian logging by default
e7373c4 Exclude /run from AIDE checks
6c9eb50 Ensure AIDE initializes on subsequent runs
23fe90b Fix numbering on V-38583

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

defaults/main.yml                                  | 22 +++---
handlers/main.yml                                  |  6 --
.../notes/aide-exclude-run-4d3c97a2d08eb373.yaml   |  6 ++
.../aide-initialization-fix-16ab0223747d7719.yaml  | 17 +++++
...figurable-martian-logging-370ede40b036db0b.yaml | 13 ++++
.../reduce-auditd-logging-633677a74aee5481.yaml    | 25 +++++++
tasks/aide.yml                                     | 86 ++++++++++++++++++++++
tasks/boot.yml                                     |  4 +-
tasks/kernel.yml                                   |  2 +-
tasks/main.yml                                     |  1 +
tasks/misc.yml                                     | 49 ------------
templates/osas-auditd.j2                           |  8 +-
22 files changed, 293 insertions(+), 94 deletions(-)

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