Hi All -

Some light reading and softball questions for a Friday afternoon.

Here are some common files that the cisco mech driver (and I'm assuming the 
other mechanism drivers) will need to start off.

We might even want to consider moving config.py into the common/ directory.

In the Cisco (sub)plugin we have some specific DB requirements. I'm thinking we 
may want a db/ directory also.

XML vendor specific strings. Store under common/snippets_"vendorname".py?

How do we want to abbreviate mechanism driver files? md, mech_driver, mdriver, 
mech (contrasting to "type_xyz" drivers)


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I don't feel too strongly either way. It seems like mechanism drivers will have 
distinct sets of variables, so having a common subsection name may be 
confusing. Plus I like the clarity of the type of the mechanism driver being in 
the section name rather than hidden in a type name.

Maybe we prepend ML2_MECH to that to make it clear that these are variables for 
mechanism drivers? Something like:



As I said before, am fine with either of the proposals below too.


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Hi All -

Regarding the configuration (ml2_conf.ini) of mechanism devices. Cisco defines 
external devices in our INI file like this:

# Nexus Switch Format.
# [NEXUS_SWITCH:<IP address of switch>]
# <hostname>=<port> <- for cisco nexus devices a port would be in the form 
# ssh_port=<ssh port>
# username=<credential username> <- used as login username to the switch
# password=<credential password> <- password for that username

Any thoughts on how we want to define this configuration info under ML2?

The simplest solution is to have separate INI sections for each vendor/device.
Variables defined only for cisco nexus devices

Whatever you want.

Note that the cisco INI file can define more than one NEXUS_SWITCH section 
(different IPs).

We could think about creating more generic section headers but would need a 
variable telling us what device owns that section.
variable1 =
variable2 =
type = cisco_nexus

The cisco config.py file doesn't have default values for these sections. At 
init time we create a dictionary of these devices.



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