Hi Folks

Is anyone interested in Kibana + ElasticSearch Integration with ceilometer?
# Note: This discussion is not for Havana.

I have registered BP. (for IceHouse)

This is demo video.

I wrote some sample storage driver for elastic search in ceilometer.
This is WIP -> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/46383/

This integration sounds cool for me, because if we can integrate then,
we can use it as Log as a service.

IMO, there are some discussion points.

[1] We should add elastic search query api for ceilometer? or we
should let user kick ElasticSearch api directory?

Note that ElasticSearch has no tenant based authentication, in that
case we need to integrate Keystone and ElasticSearch. (or Horizon)

[2] Log (syslog or any application log) should be stored in
Ceilometer? (or it should be new OpenStack project? )


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