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On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 7:04 PM, Devananda van der Veen
<> wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like to nominate myself for the OpenStack Bare Metal Provisioning
> (Ironic) PTL position.
> I have been working with OpenStack for over 18 months, and was a scalability
> and performance consultant at Percona for four years prior. Since '99, I
> have worked as a developer, team lead, database admin, and linux systems
> architect for a variety of companies.
> I am the current PTL of the Bare Metal Provisioning (Ironic) program, which
> began incubation during Havana. In collaboration with many fine folks from
> HP, NTT Docomo, USC/ISI, and VirtualTech, I worked extensively on the Nova
> Baremetal driver during the Grizzly cycle. I also helped start the TripleO
> program, which relies heavily on the baremetal driver to achieve its goals.
> During the Folsom cycle, I led the effort to improve Nova's DB API layer and
> added devstack support for the OpenVZ driver. Through that work, I became a
> member of nova-core for a time, though my attention has shifted away from
> Nova more recently.
> Once I had seen nova-baremetal and TripleO running in our test environment
> and began to assess our longer-term goals (eg, HA, scalability, integration
> with other OpenStack services), I felt very strongly that bare metal
> provisioning was a separate problem domain from Nova and would be best
> served with a distinct API service and a different HA framework than what is
> provided by Nova. I circulated this idea during the last summit, and then
> proposed it to the TC shortly thereafter.
> During this development cycle, I feel that Ironic has made significant
> progress. Starting from the initial "git bisect" to retain the history of
> the baremetal driver, I added an initial service and RPC framework,
> implemented some architectural pieces, and left a lot of #TODO's. Today,
> with commits from 10 companies during Havana (*) and integration already
> underway with devstack, tempest, and diskimage-builder, I believe we will
> have a functional release within the Icehouse time frame.
> I feel that a large part of my role as PTL has been - and continues to be -
> to gather ideas from a wide array of individuals and companies interested in
> bare metal provisioning, then translate those ideas into a direction for the
> program that fits within the OpenStack ecosystem. Additionally, I am often
> guiding compromise between the long-term goals, such as firmware management,
> and the short-term needs of getting the project to a fully-functional state.
> To that end, here is a brief summary of my goals for the project in the
> Icehouse cycle.
> * API service and client library (likely finished before the summit)
> * Nova driver (blocked, depends on ironic client library)
> * Finish RPC bindings for power and deploy management
> * Finish merging bm-deploy-helper with Ironic's PXE driver
> * PXE boot integration with Neutron
> * Integrate with TripleO / TOCI for automated testing
> * Migration script for existing deployments to move off the nova-baremetal
> driver
> * Fault tolerance of the ironic-conductor nodes
> * Translation support
> * Docs, docs, docs!
> Beyond this, there are many long-term goals which I would very much like to
> facilitate, such as:
> * hardware discovery
> * better integration with SDN capable hardware
> * pre-provisioning tools, eg. management of bios, firmware, and raid config,
> hardware burn-in, etc.
> * post-provisioning tools, eg. secure-erase
> * boot from network volume
> * secure boot (protect deployment against MITM attacks)
> * validation of signed firmware (protect tenant against prior tenant)
> Overall, I feel honored to be working with so many talented individuals
> across the OpenStack community, and know that there is much more to learn as
> a developer, and as a program lead.
> (*)
> --
> Devananda
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