On Oct 21, 2013, at 10:02 AM, Tim Simpson wrote:

> Can't we say that about nearly any feature though? In theory we could put a 
> hold on any tests for feature work saying it 
> will need to be redone when Tempest integrated is finished.
> Keep in mind what I'm suggesting here is a fairly trivial change to get some 
> validation via the existing fake mode / integration tests at a fairly small 
> cost.

Of course we can do the old tests. And for this it might be the best thing. The 
problem i see is that we cant do real integration tests w/o this work, and i 
dont want to integrate a bunch of different service_types w/o tests that 
actually spin them up and run the guest, which is where 80% of the "new" code 
lives for a new service_type. Otherwise we are running fake-guest stuff that is 
not a good representation. 

For the api stuff, sure thats fine. i just think the overall coverage of the 
review will be quite low if we are only testing the API via fake code.

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