>On 23.10.2013 11:29, Rosa, Andrea (HP Cloud Services) wrote:
>> Usually I find always useful to test my changes in devstack.
>How do you do that? I think the devstack does not always contain up to date
>codebase does it, so what would be the point in testing changes on the old

With devstack you can decide which code you want to install and run playing 
with the configuration files:
1 you can define to reclone your devstack installation using the latest trunk 
code every time you run stack.sh, to do that add RECLONE=yes option [1]
2 you can specify which branch you want to use [2]

Hope this helps
Andrea Rosa
[1]  http://devstack.org/localrc.html
[2] http://devstack.org/stackrc.html

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