On 10/23/2013 03:03 PM, Adrian Otto wrote:
> OpenStack,
> OpenStack has emerged as the preferred choice for open cloud software
> worldwide. We use it to power our cloud, and we love it. We’re proud to
> be a part of growing its capabilities to address more needs every
> day. When we ask customers, partners, and community members about what
> problems they want to solve next, we have consistently found a few areas
> where OpenStack has room to grow in addressing the needs of software
> developers:
>     1)   Ease of application development and deployment via integrated
>     support for Git, CI/CD, and IDEs

Lucky for you - we have some great projects for you here!

>     2)   Ease of application lifecycle management across dev, test, and
>     production types of environments -- supported by the Heat
>     project’s automated orchestration (resource deployment,
>     monitoring-based self-healing, auto-scaling, etc.)
>     3)   Ease of application portability between public and private
>     clouds -- with no vendor-driven requirements within the application
>     stack or control system
> Along with eBay, RedHat, Ubuntu/Canonical, dotCloud/Docker, Cloudsoft,
> and Cumulogic, we at Rackspace are happy to announce we have started
> project Solum as an OpenStack Related open source project. Solum is a
> community-driven initiative currently in its open design phase amongst
> the seven contributing companies with more to come.
> We plan to leverage the capabilities already offered in OpenStack in
> addressing these needs so anyone running an OpenStack cloud can make it
> easier to use for developers. By leveraging your existing
> OpenStack cloud, the aim of Project Solum is to reduce the number of
> services you need to manage in tackling these developer needs. You can
> use all the OpenStack services you already run instead of standing up
> overlapping, vendor-specific capabilities to accomplish this.
> We welcome you to join us to build this exciting new addition to the
> OpenStack ecosystem.
> *Project Wiki*
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Solum
> *Lauchpad Project*
> _https://launchpad.net/solum_
> *IRC*
> Public IRC meetings are held on Tuesdays 1600 UTC
> _irc://irc.freenode.net:6667/solum_

Happy to have you guys started with this. As I mentioned in IRC, I think
there is some good overlap with some of infra that can be leveraged, and
I'll be excited to work with you guys on that!


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