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> As I looked at the havana release notes that talk about the v3 api, and as
> I was reviewing
> "port test_images and test_server_actions into v3 part2"
> https://review.openstack.org/#**/c/39609/<https://review.openstack.org/#/c/39609/>
> ,
> I saw some less-than-obvious differences. For example, the images/get it
> seems now goes directly to glance which
> results in the returned state being 'active' instead of 'ACTIVE' as it was
> in v2. Another test was changed to expect the state to be
> 'queued' when it used to be 'SAVING'. There are also all the changes
> regarding CamelCase of dict keywords.
> I saw there was work on documenting the v3 api but doesn't there also need
> to be some kind of release note that documents the incompatible changes
> that users need to account for in their client code when they start
> pointing it at a v3 server? Such a document would also make it much easier
> to review the v3 api tests in tempest. Does such information exist already?
Unfortunately, no there isn't really - nothing that is specific to
individual APIs. I've mainly been focussing on getting a V3 specification
documentation up first (which I think is more important), but I do agree
that a transition document would be very useful as well.

This is a broad description of what was done:


which lists the types of changes which were made - eg CamelCase changes,
removal of proxying of services like glance through Nova etc. But I agree
we could do with something much better so its something we will do, I just
can't make any guarantees of when it will be available yet.

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