Does the framework account for customizable events?:
In my use case, I have a network (or some other proprietary way, e.g., some 
special BUS protocol)  attached device that does not fit into openstack node 
structure. It can generate events. According to these events, Openstack 
orchestration layer (HEAT?) may need to do thing like failing over all vms on 
one system to another system (compute node).

If I would like to use the alarm/notification system, I would need to add a
Customized collector, and my events would need to be routed to, say HEAT, and I 
would need to define the action ( a plugging/callback?) corresponding to the 
event for HEAT to take on my behalf.

Is my approach right/supported under the framework and the current HEAT (or 
some other components) release?



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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Ceilometer] Suggestions for alarm improvements ...

Hey y'all,

Here are a few notes I put together around some ideas for alarm improvements. 
In order to set it up I spent a little time talking about the Ceilometer 
architecture in general, including some of the things we have planned for 

I think Parts 1-3 will be useful to anyone looking into Ceilometer. Part 4 is 
where the meat of it is.

Look forward to feedback from everyone and chatting about it at the summit.

If I missed something obvious, please mark it up so we can address it.


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