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> This is a bit of a social norms thread....
> I've been consistently asking for tests in reviews for a while now,
> and I get the occasional push-back. I think this falls into a few
> broad camps:
> A - there is no test suite at all, adding one in unreasonable
> B - this thing cannot be tested in this context (e.g. functional tests
> are defined in a different tree)
> C - this particular thing is very hard to test
> D - testing this won't offer benefit
> E - other things like this in the project don't have tests
> F - submitter doesn't know how to write tests
> G - submitter doesn't have time to write tests
> Now, of these, I think it's fine not add tests in cases A, B, C in
> combination with D, and D.

I think that C is not a really valid case to allow no tests (there are
always exceptions), I strongly believe that we can collaborate
(perhaps include some people who are better at test writing) to build
the tests and add them as a co-author in the commit message (or at the
very least have the test patchset be dependent on the main patchset.
"Hard to test" is too similar to F.

Just my general feelings on the topic.

Morgan Fainberg

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