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I've noticed you list "Remote install and configure a Hadoop cluster (synergy 
with Savanna?)" among possible use cases. Recently there was a discussion about 
Savanna on bare metal provisioning through Nova (see thread [1]). Nobody tested 
that yet, but it was concluded that it should work without any changes in 
Savanna code.

So if Compass could set up baremetal provisioning with Nova, possibly Savanna 
will work on top of that out of the box.

The referenced thread is one of the threads that got us wondering whether 
Compass could be of use here.  If you're going to the summit, you can 
brainstorm with our guys.  Otherwise, we can take up this discussion after the 
summit.  Compass should be able to build baremetal based installs or VM-based 
instances starting from baremetal.  The key is to make sure the Compass design 
and implementation meets the needs/requirements of Savanna and other OpenStack 




2013/11/1 Robert Collins 
On 1 November 2013 20:41, Rochelle Grober 
<<>> wrote:
> A message from my associate as he wings to the Icehouse OpenStack summit
> (and yes, we're psyched):
> Our project, code named Compass is a Restful API driven deployment platform
> that performs discovery of the physical machines attached to a specified set
> of switches. It then customizes configurations for machines you identify and
> installs the systems and networks to your configuration specs. Besides
> presenting the technical internals and design decisions of Compass  at the
> Icehouse summit, we will also have a  demo session.
Cool - when is it? I'd like to get along.

> We look forward to showing the community our project, receiving and
> incorporating, brainstorming what else it could do, and integrating it into
> the OpenStack family .  We are a part of the OpenStack community and want to
> support it both with core participation and with Compass.
I'm /particularly/ interested in the interaction with Neutron and
network modelling - do you use Neutron for the physical switch
interrogation, do you inform Neutron about the topology and so on.

Anyhow, lets make sure we can connect and see where we can collaborate!


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