The hints are coded into the various scheduler filters, so the set supported on 
any install depends on what filters have been  configured.

I have a change under way (I need to just find the time to go back and fix the 
last wave of review comments) to expose what is supported via an API call

From: openstack learner []
Sent: 06 November 2013 20:01
Subject: [openstack-dev] What key strings can we set in "scheduler_hints" param 
when boot an instance?

Hi all,
I am using the nova python api and recently i need to use the filter schedule 
hint when i boot up an instance.  In the 
novaclient.v1_1.client.Client.servers.create() method, there is a
:param scheduler_hints: (optional extension) arbitrary key-value pairs
                          specified by the client to help boot an instance

which we can specify the key-value pairs to help boot an instance.
However, i don't know what "key string" can I specify in my key-values pairs. I 
search online but did not get any information about that?  Is there any 
document that list all the keystrings we can specify in the scheduler_hints?  I 
would like to have a list of all the "keys" that we can specify in the 
Thanks a lot
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