As Horizon is recently undergoing a set of user interface changes, there will be needed some effort in
getting Tuskar-UI up to date with new Horizon UI structure and features.

The changes are comming mostly from the update of Twitter Bootstrap framework to latest version (3.0) and Introducing the AngularJS javascript frontend framework. These two updates are in review phase and are
counted in for Icehouse.

To adopt these changes I have identified following tasks:

Horizon based UI Updates in Tuskar-UI:

- Get up to date with Bootstrap 3:
  - update templates through the application to match Bootstrap 3 markup
  - get Forms to use django-bootstrap-form
  - update custom less code to match Bootstrap 3 styling
  - update javascript to use Bootstrap 3 features

- Start using AngularJS Directives with our javascript components
  - update graphs js code to use AngularJS Directives
- update UI code as Horizon transfers to AngularJS if needed, most of the AngularJS inovations should not
    require code update on Tuskar-UI side

There is also plan to support icon-fonts as a solution for Icons across Horizon applications. This might require adding custom icon-font, if Tuskar-UI will require icons that are not present in basic set that Horizon provides.

Related Horizon blueprints:

Update Twitter Bootstrap to version 3

Introduce AngularJS as Frontend Javascript Framework

Change current bitmap icons for font icons

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