Agreed I like the idea.

It reminds me of the blog the solum team is setting up. I think I asked then 
when they announced that blog if there was plans to make it easy for other 
projects to also have there own supported blog.

Maybe we should see how that could be done since the update page is pretty 
similar to a blog (and a blog can include other things as well, like "tips and 
tricks" for using rally for example).


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Hi stackers,

Currently what I see is growing amount of interesting projects, that at least I 
would like to track. But reading all mailing lists, and reviewing all patches 
in all interesting projects to get high level understanding of what is happing 
in project now, is quite hard or even impossible task (at least for me). 
Especially after 2 weeks vacation =)

The idea of this proposal is that every OpenStack project should have "story" 
wiki page. It means to publish every week one short message that contains most 
interesting updates for the last week, and high level road map for future week. 
So reading this for 10-15 minutes you can see what changed in project, and get 
better understanding of high level road map of the project.

E.g. we start doing this in Rally:

I think that the best way to organize this, is to have person (or few persons) 
that will track all changes in project and prepare such updates each week.

Best regards,
Boris Pavlovic
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