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On 21/11/13 08:47, Nermina Miller wrote:
Dear Lana, please let me know if you need any information or help with
the Cloud Admin Guide. I participated in the original restructure. Thank
you for all of your efforts. - Nermina

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 3:54 PM, Anne Gentle <
<>> wrote:

    1. In review and merged this past week:

    Wow, I see about 30 fixes backported to the Havana install guides in
    the last week, great work Andreas! I appreciate the focus on the
    install guides since the Summit, thank you.

    2. High priority doc work:

    I'm very excited to have Lana offer to do a proposal for
    config-reference and cloud admin guide information architecture. I
    think that the restructure and added guides show great promise from
    the Havana release and I hope Icehouse is a polishing release.

    3. Doc work going on that I know of:

    We're going to hold a doc bug day by the end of the year, please
    choose days that work well for you at
    <>. You can also triage and fix
    bugs before a designated day, of course. There're still quite a few
    install doc bugs, and some are duplicates. Do take a moment even
    before the doc bug day to triage or confirm a few doc bugs.

    We are moving forward with a large move of content during the
    Icehouse release -- all <project>-api repos will be removed after
    the content finds a new home under <project>/doc/source. The goal is
    to enable devs to write API docs to help devs describe changes to
    the API. Then in the openstack/api-site we will house all end-user
    API docs. Please help your neighborhood doc patcher with reviews on
    those patches. Any questions about this please do ask. You can also
    see the blueprint at Diane is
    working on a document to precisely describe "what goes where" for
    the API docs we all know and love.

    There are a lot of incoming questions for "where did neutron admin
    docs go?" and references to the /trunk/ version of the Networking
    Admin Guide. This week that version will be redirected and removed,
    please patch the OpenStack Cloud Administrator Guide with networking

    4. New incoming doc requests:

    Our team would like to finalize on Project Doc Leads as described at If
    you haven't already put yourself forward, please update this page
    with your interest.

    For some reason I had to "fix" the Lulu link for the OpenStack
    Security Guide at -- thanks to Bryan
    Payne for reporting. It's all fixed up now.

    5. Doc tools updates:

    David Cramer tells me he'll cut one more release of the
    clouddocs-tools maven plugin then it'll be put into Gerrit workflow
    in the OpenStack organization. Thanks to David and Zaro for the hard
    work here over many months. I'd encourage Stackers to see how they
    can get involved in collaborating on our doc build tool once it's in
    our OpenStack systems.

    Some reps from infra and myself will meet with O'Reilly technical
    folks on Monday to finalize the workflow for the operations-guide
    repository. Once we have it fleshed out I'll communicate it to the
    openstack-docs list.

    6. Other doc news:

    I wrote up a post about "Who Wrote Havana Docs?" despite my aversion
    to stats at which
    definitely shows how far we have come. With some Project Doc Leads
    and blueprints in place I'm certain we'll keep moving forward in
    Icehouse for more doc contributors and doc improvements.

    We're now holding meetings for both sides of the earth.
    Earth-dwellers, please attend one of these Tuesday meetings as you
    prefer according to your favorite sleep schedule.

    1st Tuesday, 03:00:00 UTC
    2nd Tuesday, 14:00:00 UTC
    3rd Tuesday, 03:00:00 UTC
    4th Tuesday, 14:00:00 UTC

    We'll follow the agenda posted at

    Openstack-docs mailing list

Thank you!

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