It is basically used to tailor the boot sequence if the VM gets booted in 
OpenStack. For ex. it could do the following

1.       Get IP through DHCP if booted in OpenStack

2.       Read config drive or contact metadata service and init the system if 
booted in OpenStack

Vijay V.

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Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [Nova] Are BIOS strings configured in Hyper-V & 
ESX similar to KVM instantiated VMs?

It's not certain that this will be implemented for the XenAPI driver.

Our view is that the BIOS strings shouldn't be relied upon - the hypervisor can 
clearly set them to anything so it's not really a reliable way to configure the 
application.  Also note that in some scenarios, such as PV guests in Xen 
clouds, you will not have any BIOS to query.  Finally we're not clear on the 
use case here - What's the use case for needing to know whether you VM is 
running under OpenStack or not?


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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Nova] Are BIOS strings configured in Hyper-V & ESX 
similar to KVM instantiated VMs?


In a KVM instantiated VM the following signature is present in the BIOS of the 
The 'Manufacturer ' field in 'System Information' group is set to "OpenStack 

This helps the VM to identify that it is getting used in an OpenStack 

As far as I know XenServer is planning to set the BIOS Strings in IceHouse 

Is this functionality available in other Hypervisors, especially Hyper-V & ESX?


Vijay V.
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