So the hard work getting into the big-tent was worth it!

While the storlets team should have the final word, I will be very happy if the 
Swift community helped us in the process.

Below are few options I have thought about.
Comments / other suggestions are mostly welcome!

Thanks very much,

1. Hummingbird. Works hard to stay put in the air. Storlets make the CPU to 
work so that data stays in place (and its a bird) Is that a conflict with the 
go-lang effort?
2. Sloth. Does not move much. Storlets aim at not moving the data
3. Thinking Monkey (as e.g. here: We all want to look 
4. Bat upside down. Bring the compute to the data rather then the other way 
5. pied stilt (see e.g. For 
its elegance :-) (and for being a bird)
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