Hi Watcher Team!

There are some changes with Core Group in Watcher:

1. Li Canwei (licanwei) and Prudhvi Rao Shedimbi (pshedimb) have
    been nominated as Core Developers for Watcher.
    They have got enough votes to be included in Watcher Core group.

2. Jean-Emile DARTOIS has stepped down from Watcher Core since
    he has little time to keep up with core reviewer duties.

3. Hidekazu Nakamura is being nominated as Core Developer for Watcher.
    Have a good luck!

I want to congratulate our new Core Developers and to thank Jean-Emile
for his work and project support. He has made a lot of architecture design
reviews and implementations and helped to make Watcher as it is.

Thank you, Jean-Emile, have a good luck and remember that
Watcher Team is always opened for you.

Welcome aboard, Prudhvi Rao Shedimbi and Li Canwei!

Best Regards,
Alexander Chadin
OpenStack Developer
Servionica LTD
+7 (916) 693-58-81

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