On Fri, Nov 29 2013, David Kranz wrote:

> In preparing to fail builds with log errors I have been trying to make
> things easier for projects by maintaining a whitelist. But these bugs in
> ceilometer are coming in so fast that I can't keep up. So I am  just putting
> ".*" in the white list for any cases I find before gate failing is turned
> on, hopefully early this week.

Following the chat on IRC and the bug reports, it seems this might come
From the tempest tests that are under reviews, as currently I don't
think Ceilometer generates any error as it's not tested.

So I'm not sure we want to whitelist anything?

The tricky part is going to be for us to fix Ceilometer on one side and
re-run Tempest reviews on the other side once a potential fix is merged.

Ah… I wish we would have the functional test in the some repository as
Ceilometer, that'd simplify that a lot. Next cycle maybe. :-)

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