Can anyone share the current deployment use case for compute Node Interfaces 
configuration in Nova configuration file where hundreads of compute nodes [with 
two or more physical interfaces] in DC network has to be configured with 
IPAddress for Management Networks and Data Networks.

Is there any other tool used for this purpose OR manual configuration has to be 


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Subject: [openstack-dev] [nova] Static IPAddress configuration in nova.conf file

Nova-compute in Compute nodes send fanout_cast to the scheduler in Controlle 
Node once every 60 seconds.  Configuration file Nova.conf in Compute Node has 
to be configured with Management Network IP address and there is no provision 
to configure Data Network IP address in the configuration file. But if there is 
any change in the IPAddress for these Management Network Interface and Data 
Network Interface, then we have to configure them  manually in the 
configuration file of compute node.
We would like to create BP to address this issue of static configuration of 
IPAddress for Management Network Interface and Data Network Interface of 
Compute Node by providing the interface names in the nova.conf file.
So that any change in the ipaddress for these interfaces will be updated 
dynamically in the fanout_cast  message to the Controller and update the DB.
We came to know that the current deployments are using some scripts to handle 
this static ipaddress configuration in nova.conf file.
Any comments/suggestions will be useful.

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