Just a quick reminder.
When: Today, Thursday March 30, @09:00 and @19:00 UTC
Where: https://zoom.us/j/7922255193

More details below.
Storlets PTL

Hi All,
If you care about unstructured data processing, and face bandwidth difficulties 
don?t miss this talk!

On March 30th (next Thursday) I will give a web talk on the above subject. 
Abstract below.
The talk will be given twice that day. Details below.

If you wish to, but cannot make it please let me know and I will try to arrange 
an additional slot.
My mail is: e...@itsonlyme.name

Storlets and Swift allow to physically co-locate storage and compute, and 
essentially implement
- what I call - data centric hyper convergence.
In the talk I will give the essential intro to Swift and Storlets and 
demonstrate an
End-to-End deep learning on unstructured data.
The deep learning problem demonstrated is face recognition.
I will demonstrate that all the steps from data preparation via model training 
model testing can be done using storlets.

Thursday March 30th in:
* 09:00 UTC
* 19:00 UTC

Note that in some time zones the hours difference
from UTC may change until March 30th.

Call Technicalities:
The talk will be given using Zoom video conferencing. Connecting will require
a browser plugin installation. The link to the call is:

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