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> Clayton, good detail documentation of the design approach @
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Solum/FeatureBlueprints/BuildingSourceIntoDeploymentArtifacts
> A few questions -
> 1. On the objective of supporting both heroku build packs and openshift
> cartridges: how compatible are these two with each other? i.e. is there
> enough common denominator between the two that Solum can be compatible with
> both?

A buildpack is:

1) an ubuntu base image with a set of preinstalled packages
2) a set of buildpack files downloaded into a specific location on disk
3) a copy of the application git repository downloaded into a specific location 
on disk
4) a script that is invoked to transform the buildpack files and git repository 
into a set of binaries (the deployment unit) in an output directory

Since the Solum proposal is a transformation of a base (#1) via a script (which 
can call #4) with injected app data (#2 and #3), we should have all the 

An openshift cartridge is:

1) a rhel base image with a set of preinstalled packages
   a) some additional tools and environment to execute cartridges
2) a metadata file that describes how the cartridge can be used (what the ports 
it exposes are, how it can be used)
3) a set of cartridge files that include binaries and control scripts
   a) a bin/install script that does setup of the binaries on disk, and the 
basics preparation
   b) a bin/control script that manages running processes and to do builds

An OpenShift cartridge would be a base image (#1) with a script that invokes 
the correct steps in the cartridge (#3) to create, build, and deploy the 

> 2. What is the intended user persona for the "image author"? Is it the
> service operator, the developer end user, or could be both?

Yes, and there is a 3rd persona which could be a vendor packaging up their 
software in distributable format for consumption by multiple service operators. 
 Will add a section to the proposal.

These were discussed in the API meeting as well 
(http://irclogs.solum.io/2013/solum.2013-12-02-17.05.html), the additional info 
will be added to the proposal.

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