I agree with your approach. Think we should not break other projects with a change like this and the answer thus far has been to just patch each project individually to work around the issues introduced by eventlet. So, I support this approach and think Sean would as well.



On 4/4/2017 8:33 AM, Monty Taylor wrote:
Hey all,

We recently increased the version of eventlet we're using. The bump was driven by python3.5 enablement for oslo.messaging, which is a great thing to have exist. However, it has hard-broken designate - and not just the docs builds like happened for other projects.

There is a patch that has landed to upstream eventlet that will fix the designate issues, but it is not yet released.

I'd like to propose we revert the U-C bump and block 0.20 in our requirements. This hamstrings the 3.5 enablement a bit, but it unbreaks designate, and I'd argue that we need to prioritize not breaking services in cases like this. (also, because designate is broken, openstack-ansible has gate issues, and shade had gate issues until we removed designate from our gate config which was extremely sad making)

Sean McGinnis already proposed a patch to revert the bump:

which I think we should restore, then modify it to also include a requirements block. As soon as 0.21 is released, we can upgrade to that and get 3.5 for oslo.messaging back on track.



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