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On Tue, 4 Apr 2017 at 00:08 Clark Boylan <cboy...@sapwetik.org> wrote:

> One of the major sets of issues currently affecting gate testing is
> Libvirt stability. Elastic-recheck is tracking Libvirt crashes for us
> and they happen frequently [0][1][2]. These issues appear to only affect
> Ubuntu Xenial (and not Trusty or CentOS or Fedora) and after talking in
> #openstack-nova it is clear that Libvirt isn't interested in debugging
> such an old version of Libvirt (1.3.1). And while it isn't entirely
> clear to me which exact version would be acceptable to them the Ubuntu
> Cloud Archive (UCA) does publish a much newer Libvirt (2.5.0).

tl;dr - Christian (cpaelzer) is working towards resolution of the libvirt
1.3.1 issues in Xenial, but right now we're stuck on reproduction of the
issues outside of the gate.

> I have pushed a change to devstack [3] to enable using UCA which pulls
> in new Libvirt and mostly seems to work. I think we should consider
> switching to UCA as this may fix our Libvirt problems and if it doesn't,
> we will be closer to a version of Libvirt that upstream should be
> willing to fix.
> This isn't the most straightfoward switch as UCA has a different repo
> for each OpenStack release. libvirt-python is sensitve to the underlying
> library changing; it is backward compatible but libvirt-python built
> against older libvirt won't work against new libvirt. The result is a
> libvirt-python wheel built on our wheel mirror does not work with UCA.
> On the positive side both the OpenStack puppet modules and OpenStack
> Ansible are using UCA with their deployment tooling so this should get
> us closer to what people are using in the wild.

+1 on taking this approach - this also aligned with what we deploy and test
with for the OpenStack Charms.

Please stick to using the updates pockets from the Ubuntu Cloud Archive
(which I can see in the review referenced that you are doing); all UCA
testing of packaging and version updates is done in the proposed pockets so
this should ensure a better level of stability for the OpenStack gate.


> Finally it is worth noting that we will get newer packages of other
> software as well, most notably openvswitch will be version 2.6.1 instead
> of 2.5.0.

Worth noting that in the same way that we update OpenStack packages in the
UCA for new minor and patch releases, we also do the same for Open vSwitch
patch releases - so the Ocata UCA will get released Open vSwitch versions
on the 2.6.x series.

The Pike UCA will (probably) get a newer version of Ceph which might be of
interest for gate testing as well.


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