I suggested to add few pci devices related attributes to ironic
inspection(out-of-band as well inband).

I got the suggestion to convert them to standard pci device format which
nova understands. For example( as given in Nova code):
[{"count": 5, "vendor_id": "8086", "product_id": "1520",

For above to be supported for ironic scheduling, we will require changes at
two places:
1. nova - This should require a small code changes as pci_passthrough
filter already exists in nova. The ironic virt driver should be able to
consume the pci_device structure from ironic node/database and pass it on
to scheduler for scheduling and it should add pci_passthrough filter in
ironic nodes filter list.
2. ironic - this definitely needs a spec which will suggest to add the
pci_device data structure to ironic node.

The ironic side work may take some time but Nova side looks to be a small
change. IMO we can have the nova side changes and ironic database changes
(to add pci_device field) parallely.
Inspection can populate that new pci_device field for the node to get

AFAIK, ironic-inspector already has the plugin to discover pci devices in
the format nova has it today. If we get the scheduling enabled based on
pci_devices for ironic nodes, then inspector can write this data to ironic
node object by default.

What do you people think on this idea? Does it make sense? If its worth to
do this way i can own up this work.


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